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Chill Pill Faves (resources our staff recommends) 🤗

- Hayley Caddes (our Founder and CEO) recommends Lumenate for mediation — in the past, she says, she struggled with meditation but this app changed the game for her; making the practice useful and even enjoyable. She also likes to journal in a less standard way: through voice memos. When she’s “too lazy” to write, and typing feels like work, this is the perfect alternative. Plus, she likes that she can go back and listen to them in the future to revisit how intensely she was feeling something at the time.

- Tori George (our Lead Engineer) says her mental health is significantly affected by her internal chemical factors such as staying hydrated and eating right. She also loves exercising with a hike/run and soaking up some vitamin D. In her free time she likes to watch something and hang out with friends that make me laugh. Lastly, she likes to use the Endel app that creates personalized soundscapes to help her focus and relax.

- Darlene Park (our Copywriting Intern) loves to unwind by taking a bubble bath and reading a book when she feels overwhelmed.

- Chloe Bown (our Community Manager) says her go-to coping mechanism on a rough day is taking a walk out in nature. Even if it’s a loop in Central Park she’s done five thousand times, she finds peace in being outside, moving her body, and tuning out the world with her headphones. More of a guilty pleasure, but she also loves winding down to some silly reality TV shows at night after a stressful day.

- Gina Seo (our Brand Strategy Intern) takes extra time for her skincare with a nice face mask when she’s feeling stressed and has found that listening to jazz music playlists helps her fall asleep. She’ll also occasionally do some two minute deep breathing exercises on her own in tense moments, go on a run to get those endorphins, or do some retail therapy on depop.

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